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Whether it's concert dates, events or musical releases, stay informed of everything concerning the activity of our rising music group. Here you will find all the news concerning TORO projects.

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A travel leaded by Berio, Leclair, Prokofiev, Schnittke and many other together with lectures of Carl Jung, the Tao, Leopardi, and other influence of literature for bringing an inner reflection about the mystery of synchronicity and synchronization in life.



What is communication anyway?

Music, does it speak to us?

What is clear to me and what is clear to you?

Is music just a sound?

Is the rain that hits the ground making music? But people aren't noises, are they?

Is there such a thing as silence?

Is there always something to hear, never peace and quiet? Isn't silence also a noise and has something to tell?


These questions are the fundamental elements of our musical journey within. "Echoes" invites you to a meditative musical experience through a variety of musical expressions. Music from the 11th century, electronic and minimalistic music, self-composed pieces and silence. Listening is probably the most direct route to the present and the philosophy of these upcoming evenings.

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Collaboration with Keitaro Takahashi - Development first TORO CD - Music for Meditation

Keitaro Takahashi (1986) is a Japanese contemporary music composer, media artist, and programmer. He is currently a research fellow at CeReNeM (Center for Research in New Music), the University of Huddersfield in the UK, and a music analysis software developer.
He received his bachelor of arts degree from Kunitachi College of Music, Tokyo, Japan, in 2009 and MA (2011) and MASP(2013) of music composition in Basel Musik-Akademie der Stadt Basel. He completed his Ph.D. with Summa Cum Laude Honors at CATOLICA Porto University in Technology of Art and Basel Musik-Akademie in 2018. The title of his dissertation is "The Development of Corpus-Based Computer-Assisted Composition Program and its Application for Instrumental Music Composition." He studied composition and computer music with Professors Takayuki Rai and Erik Oña.
His works, both instrumental and electronic music, have been awarded prestigious prizes, including the IRINO prize (Japan), ISB Composition Competition/chamber division (USA), WerkJahr 2014 by Christoph Delz Foundation (Switzerland), and have also been selected by ICMC, and as a finalist by Musica Nova 2011.
With his artistic background established in Japan and Switzerland, his artistic interests as a composer mainly focus on creating musical gestures and acoustic associations under the concept of the morphology of sound textures and the mixture of various compositional techniques such as Heterophony, Micropolyphony, and Micro montage music. He employs cross-disciplinary approaches to realize his musical creations, including traditional to avant-garde composition methods, computer science, and sound engineering.



A Sunrise Journey

A program where TORO wakes you up tenderly in the morning, together with the sunrise for a full inner breathing that longs all a day.

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